Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Fresh Start

Well, I haven't posted anything here in almost a year! It doesn't seem like it's been that long but that's what it says. We've been busy this past year! Most recently, we've been busy moving.

On March 7th we closed on a new (to us) home in Kyle, TX and started the lengthy process of moving into it. Here we are over a week later and we're still moving, actually, the moving is mostly done but the clean up of the old house and all the junk we accumulated in 10 years of living there and the accumulation of 23 years of marriage continues!!!!

I love our new home, I love that it's out of Austin and it's quiet where we are now, I love that it's fresh and new and everything works there and the backyard is wide and open. I don't exactly love commuting into Austin for work and school at 6am every morning.

We're all trying to adjust to the alarm clock going off earlier. Poor Sarah has really had a difficult adjustment, not only does she have to get up an hour earlier, she has to ride into school with her Dad and I and get dropped off at school 40 minutes early. No more catching the city bus right down the street. I wish there was some other way to work things right now, but I haven't figured that out yet.

Speaking of adjustments, you should have seen the cats when we first brought them to the new house! To say they were a little freaked out is the understatement of the year! They were hissing and snarling at each other and us. They've calmed down a bit, but they're still pretty skittish. They do enjoy chasing the occasional grasshopper that wanders into the house now.

On to other recent news, dear son Cody and his dear girlfriend, Michelle have gotten officially engaged! Michelle is wearing a beautiful diamond engagement ring and Cody is wearing an engagement band. They are looking at 2010 as a good year for getting married. I've been pretty nostalgic for the "good ol' days" when the kids were young and all their "problems" and heartaches could be solved by a hug from Mom. I miss them being babies and toddlers and little kids. But then I see them and the wonderful, caring, responsible young adults they're becoming and I'm so proud of what they're growing into.

Well, I've rattled on long enough. If anyone is reading, let me say thanks and I'll try not to wait so long between posts again!