Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Day Without Consequences

A day without consequences. This is the topic I was given in a challenge to blog about.

I suppose I would start off at 12:01 am because I wouldn't want to waste any time on sleeping on this extraordinary day. I would get a Vente Breve Vanilla Latte from Starbucks (this is different from by usual Vente Breve 2 Splenda Latte because it has SUGAR in it!) This will start the the day that I can eat anything and not worry that it is affecting my blood glucose level or my cholesterol or my weight! Next, I would pile my husband, James, our children, Sarah and Cody, and Sarah's boyfriend Sam and Cody's girlfriend Michelle all in our rented Ford Excursion with all the amenities for a great road trip. We'd head to Padre Island for a day of relaxation. Since we're leaving around 1:00 am we'd get there around 4:00 am. Check into a hotel room on the beach and rest while we watch the sunrise over the ocean. We'd spend the day at the coast walking on the beach, dining on great seafood and collecting sea shells. We'd head home around 9:00 pm just in time to get back to Austin at midnight. Because this was a day without consequences we would get up the next morning fully rested and ready to face the day with lots of fun memories from the day before, a day without consequences.

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