Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Thank You

For the last 10 summers my children have been involved with a program called Sunrise Neighborhood Youth Program in Austin, TX. They started in the summer day camp program as campers and, as soon as they got into 6th grade, they became Jr. Counselors. Last summer Cody was 18 and was one of the paid staff at SNYP. This summer Sarah is filling in for the church secretary in the office and is being paid for that.

Last Sunday, Sunrise Community Church had a program celebrating the kids who have worked in the daycamp for the past 1o years and gave out the President's Volunteer Service Awards to kids who have given volunteer hours each year to the camp.

Read more about the awards here:

As I sat and watched the kids receive their awards and thought about the last 10 years, I was overcome with emotion. This church and their neighborhood youth program has been such a big part of my kids lives. They have run this daycamp for years at no profit, just charging enough to pay expenses. There were summers we were short on cash that my kids were sponsored to attend the daycamp as Jr. Counselors. That allowed them to stay connected with the friends they had made in past years and to stay involved.

I so appreciate all the leaders that have given freely of their time and effort to make this program a success and I appreciate the leadership of this church that saw a need for their neighborhood and stepped up to meet the need.

Thank you Sunrise!

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